17 Feb 2016 Ferado

Your skin texture depends not only on external treatments but also on the intake of balanced diet. A proper nutritious intake helps in rejuvenating the skin within.

Water plays an important role in keeping your skin alive. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water everyday helps in retaining the moisture of your skin as well keeping the skin disorders away.

Avoid cheap, spurious cosmetics with very harmful chemicals which causes various skin disorders on prolong application.

Use Sunscreen even on a cloudy day or winters, the ultraviolet radiation from the sun can cause both wrinkles and dark spots.

Always try herbal products for your beauty care

Do not apply anything on your skin before going to bed , keep the pores clean and let it breathe

Incorporate soothing activities, such as yoga, exercises to reduce stress and keep yourself fit and healthy.

Always be happy for a flawless ,glowing skin.